I remember having so much fun drawing this line that I didn’t bother using a different style for each Pokémon…

Flowers by Édouard Manet, part III.

Why straight allies don’t belong in safe spaces


because then i’m forced to look around these spaces and go “i wonder how many of these people are straight” instead of being able to go “wow. look. people who are like me. i am not alone. amazing.”

attention non-english speakers who have struggled to find gender neutral pronouns


there is a very good compilation of gender neutral pronouns in a variety of different languages that can be found here! it’s really helpful and a lot of thought and help has gone into it from people who speak these as their native language! i definitely recommend you go check it out


Alfred F. Jones saying darlin’ is my ultimate weakness.

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im violet and im really into flowers. cis female

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